Yet more random, binary nonsense from my mind & eye, sat upon my lowly North Devon shoulders.
None of this stuff belongs to me unless I say so....alright, jeeze.

Follow me, don't follow me, it matters nought, the world will keep on spinning.
Love life with all it's faults & as someone once told me "If in doubt, paddle out"

BTW WV looks good in Firefox.
(But then again most things do)

Just backed up my aging VHS copy of the The Satan Bug

A 1965 germ war paranoia classic with fantastic ‘Saul Bass-esque’ opening title sequence & cracking Jerry Goldsmith score.

Loved this movie since I was a kid. What has amazed me is the sheer volume of different artwork for the movie after a bit of Googlin’. Top notch.

Posted on November 8th, 2013
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